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      2024 JPR 巴西圣保羅放射學大會圓滿落幕

      2024-05-06    來源:KL Brasil    瀏覽數:153

       作為全球領先的X射線管獨立供應商之一,凱龍醫療亮相2024年巴西圣保羅放射學大會JPR 2024,并展示了高品質的X射線解決方案。

          KAILONG MEDICAL, one of the world's leading independent suppliers of X-ray tubes, presented high-quality X-ray solutions at JPR 2024, Brasil.

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          The exhibition, which took place in Sao Paulo on May 2, 2024, attracted medical imaging and diagnostic professionals from all over the world.

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           During the exhibition, many industry elites, experts and business representatives had visited us. The exhibition team conducted in-depth technical exchanges and business consultations with many customers, and demonstrated the wide application and excellent performance of the products, and everyone spoke highly of KAILONG's excellent technical strength and perfect service guarantee.



           Thank you for your attention and support during the exhibition, KAILONG will continue to provide stable and efficient X-ray solutions, and explore the new future of imaging development with you!

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