Who We Are

STOP Diabetes Foundation members - all of whom volunteer their time (Click to learn more about them)




A healthier global community in the world.


Vision 2020


STOP Diabetes Foundation's short-term aim is to help remove the infamous #1 tag of Peel region as having the highest burden of Diabetes in Ontario before the year 2020 - this aim has been coined Vision 2020 (#SDFVision2020 for social media)



Free and relevant Diabetes awareness for all.



Working together for diabetes awareness.

Commitment for accessible diabetes prevention and management education.


Our Humble Begins

Our charity organization began through the vision of a dedicated Endocrinologist Dr. Harpreet Bajaj.

His twin objectives through this benevolent effort are:

1. To decrease the burden of diabetes afflicting our society through community-based education on preventative lifestyle and

2. To increase the longevity for patients living with diabetes by using a combination of medically-proven treatment and lifestyle regimen.


Meaning of the Logo


Our logo was developed by Sean Graham, a first year graphic art student from Humber College.

The STOP DIABETES FOUNDATION LOGO has many messages - 
The ground represents the foundation and roots in Diabetes education and awareness.
The tree symbolizes life, growth, and knowledge.
The maple leaves represent Canada as being the birthplace and home of this charity.
The blue fading circle speaks to the freedom from diabetes.
The doves represent the future, a future free of Diabetes complications, medication, heart disease, stroke, nerve damage, and kidney disease. 

*To contact the graphic artist please click the contact us button. We will be happy to forward your request.